How to Organize Your Home Before and After a Remodeling Project

As a design build general contractor, we understand the importance of planning and organization. As a result, we are excited to partner with Mia Whalley from Neat Method. Over the next couple months she will be sharing her tips. Specifically, how to organize your home for remodeling projects, where to store all that summer gear and more.

Success From The Start

As a professional home organizer, you might imagine the different types of challenges we come across in our client’s spaces. Anything from downsizing to drop zone to closet designs. You name it, we’ve seen it! This summer season in particular, we have a lot of clients looking to “start fresh” following their home projects.

how to organize your home neat nh

While we consider our specialty home organization, Neat Method also offers moving and relocation services to ensure that what is typically a stressful time, is smooth and effortless. Now we’re sharing how you can do just that by prepping your home on both ends of your home remodeling projects.

Prepping at Your Old Home/Space

1. Edit First: There’s nothing worse than packing something carefully, and hauling it to be stored, only to decide to donate it.

  • Before you pack a space, pull everything out and categorize first.
  • Set aside items for donation. These are things you haven’t used in the last year or are duplicates.
  • Toss anything broken or worn out.

2. Labels: Pack and label your boxes according to where you want them in your new home or spaces.

  • Example: If you are gaining a playroom, pack toys separately from the rest of the child’s bedroom. Label the box “Playroom”.
  • Apply this method to anything being relocated to a different area of your new home or remodeled space.
  • Labels should be easy to ready and located in the same spot on every box.

Prepping at Your New Home/Space

It’s weeks to months later and your new spaces are ready to use. This is where I find most homeowners get hung up. Where should things live so they stay NEAT and organized? Here are our go-to tips for any room in your home.

1. Contain Yourself: Adding product to your spaces is the #1 way to keep things contained and organized.

  • Expandable drawer dividers are one of my favorite additions to any drawer. They help keep items from shifting around and define a clear boundary where things should live.

how to organize your home drawer dividers

2. Keep It Simple: Create categories within a space placing like items together.

  • Example: Categories like “salty snacks” or “sweet treats” in the pantry make your new systems easy to follow.
  • Example: Use large bins with broad labels so children can follow your lead during clean up time.

how to organize your home pantry labels

3. Prime Real Estate: Prioritize personal items by placing everyday items in your “prime real estate”.

  • The space can be a kitchen, closet or the entire house.
  • These spaces are easily accessible and not out of reach.
  • Example: Little to hardly used items in the kitchen should be relocated. This creates space for things you use on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Label, Label, Label: Adding a label to any container will tie your space together.

  • Helps others in the house follow along.
  • Get creative and make your own or purchase custom label sets!

organizing laundry room and child room with labeled containers

how to organize your home mia whalley nh

About Mia Whalley

Mia Whalley is the owner of Neat Method in New Hampshire and has been a resident in the Lakes Region for over 15 years. She is a member of the Lakes Region Builders and Remodelers Association. Mia is also a committee member for their annual Parade of Homes Tour. Scheduled for Columbus Day weekend. She and her team had the honor of working with Lighthouse Contracting Group in their 2018 Parade Home: The Rocky Retreat.


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