Screened Outdoor Kitchen Design: Laconia, NH

An outdoor kitchen has many benefits! For instance, additional fresh air, time well spent with friends and family all while enjoying the investment in your home.

This summer, we designed and built a screened outdoor kitchen on Lake Winnisquam. In fact, the experience opened our eyes to the benefits of an outdoor gathering space.

This modern farmhouse outdoor kitchen was a Gold Winner for Best Design for Outdoor Kitchen and a Silver Winner for Best Outdoor Living Space in the 2020 Cornerstone Awards.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen design laconia nh
  1. Keeps your New England home cool in the summer. Thereby, lowering energy costs. In fact, most homes in New Hampshire do not have air conditioning. Cooking for a small family or entertaining a large group can make the house uncomfortably hot. Bring that event outdoors and your home stays nice and cool.
  2. No more smelly nights trying to fall asleep to the stale scent of steak, burgers, or seafood. Not to mention, a reduction in smoke, splattered cooking oils and steam that accompanies cooking indoors.
  3. Everyone enjoys the outdoors. Whether it is spring, summer or fall in the Lakes Region, we all love to be outside.
  4. Reduces multiple trips in and out of the house transporting food. This is convenience cooking at its finest.
  5. Creates cooking versatility with additional cooking appliances such as side burners.

A Few Questions Before You Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

On average, how many people do you plan on entertaining?

How many months do you plan on utilizing the space?

How much space do you have to build the outdoor kitchen?

Let's Talk Outdoor Kitchen Functionality

When entertaining or cooking outside, you want everything at your fingertips. Whether this is interacting with your guests or reaching for your favorite steak seasoning.

Your outdoor kitchen design should include what is most important to you.

At Lighthouse Contracting Group, we are design-build contractors. We work together with a designer and trade partners to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Below, are the details on our latest outdoor kitchen, designed by Lauren Milligan, and built by Lighthouse. We hope it inspires you!


one wall outdoor kitchen design lighthouse contracting group

Our screened outdoor kitchen is configured to fit along one 14-foot outdoor wall. In fact, this is a great space saving, budget-friendly design. It allows for one cook but does require an additional area for seating.

The size of our covered kitchen is moderate at 16’ x 19’. This fits the one wall kitchen and a farmhouse style dining table with comfortable seating for 10 guests.


The placement of the appliances, grill, storage, and trash receptacle are imperative to the functional design of any kitchen.

In our Modern Farmhouse Makeover, the Lynx Grill is front and center. Above, it is accompanied by a powerful exhaust hood with a 1500 CFM remote blower.

The fan is located on the roof keeping the noise to a minimum.

Located at the end of the kitchen counter is a Lynx Professional Burner. Their small size and flexible placement make these burners a wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen. Boil your lobster, grill summer squash or warm up a sauce. It’s up to you!

lynx grill
lynx professional burner outdoor kitchen design
naturekast outdoor cabinets pull out trash

To the right of the grill, inside the 100% weatherproof outdoor cabinets, is a pull-out double trash can. As a result, the chef does not have to reach far to discard aluminum foil, meat containers or other waste.

With the guest seating located parallel to the kitchen, the cook can entertain and prepare the meal. Therefore, the activities include everyone!



When planning the location of your outdoor kitchen, choose a spot within 15 to 20 feet from the indoor kitchen. No one wants to run across the yard for extra food or condiments.

The screen porch addition has easy access to the home via a Pella slider. Additionally, a mini fridge and wine fridge are located in the outdoor kitchen to reduce the number of trips inside.

outdoor kitchen proximity to indoor kitchen


Design your outdoor kitchen around the entertainment. For example, this lake house has an amazing deck with multiple outdoor gathering spaces. The kitchen, while in the screened porch, has a view of everything happening and is part of the excitement via proximity.

outdoor kitchen design views of deck lake


New England is known for its seasons. Consequently, we experience all types of weather. Don’t let rain cancel your plans. Build your outdoor kitchen with shelter away from the elements.

We highly recommend designing your kitchen inside a screen porch with a cathedral ceiling. Not only does this keep you dry, it is bug-free, helps air flow and prevents fires.


While food always attracts friends and family, setting the mood with music and lighting helps too! Our modern farmhouse outdoor kitchen includes smart appliances. Specifically, an outdoor television, outdoor lighting and portable heaters.

functional outdoor kitchen design with farmhouse table

1. Outdoor Television

An outdoor television is a great way to enjoy a movie night or to watch the Patriots football team. Equally important, are the outdoor speakers. Hear the score or music easily above the chatter of friends and family with this technology combo.

If you prefer to keep technology hidden, check out these custom barn doors designed by Lighthouse Contracting Group. They blend nicely with the white vertical board and batten wall.

outdoor television with barn door sliders
2. Smart Outdoor Lighting

After returning from a sunset cruise on the lake, our homeowners are welcomed by a well-lit home. From the dock, they can turn the smart outdoor lights on from the Leviton app on their phone.

As they walk up the stairs in the dark, each step is illuminated with Task Lighting. No more tripping in the dark!

3. Portable Heaters

To increase the usability of this outdoor space during the cooler months, there are portable outdoor heaters hooked up in each gathering space. We highly recommend this for our Lakes Region residents.

Brands We Recommend

Below are the brands and products we incorporated into the screen porch addition and outdoor kitchen at our Modern Farmhouse Makeover.

Task Lighting: Founded in 1985, they are an industry leader in LED lighting for the kitchen and home.

AZEK Exteriors: Featured decking is Vintage Collection in color cypress.

Lynx Grills: Made in the USA. If you are looking for high-end, outdoor kitchen appliances, Lynx Grills are for you.

Naturekast Cabinetry: 100% weatherproof outdoor cabinets with the look and feel of real wood. Featured style is slab with a weathered driftwood finish.

Consentino Countertop: resistant to UV, scratch, stain, fire and heat, abrasion and to freezing and thawing. Featured style is Dekton – Solid Collection in the color galema.

ScreenRail by Digger Specialties

MINItrack by Screen Tight

In Conclusion

We hope these outdoor kitchen benefits piqued your interest and inspired you. If you would like to work with Lighthouse Contracting Group to build a screened porch addition or outdoor space, fill out our Project Assessment Form.

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