How to Create an Outdoor Gathering Space

Gathering with family and friends has always been central to personal growth and a sense of belonging. The impact and importance of a home gathering space became even more evident in 2020.

Unfamiliar with the term “gathering space”? Simply put, it’s anywhere people congregate.

There are key components to encourage “congregating” amongst your community within your indoor or outdoor area. However, for this post we are sharing tips on how to create an outdoor gathering space.

Below are 5 elements to ensure your backyard is ready for guests this summer.

1. Landscaping

Invest in a tile or stone patio complete with pergola or shaded outdoor dining space. Dress it up or create an oasis with the addition of plants.

outdoor gathering space landscaping

According to Country Living, “No matter how tiny or big your patio is, flower containers can add color, fragrance and beauty to your outdoor space.” Therefore, we suggest contacting Belknap Landscaping for all your residential landscaping needs.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

For ultimate outdoor entertaining, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. To clarify, this is an area in your backyard that houses cooking equipment while also creating a gathering space for your guests. You can customize the space based on your budget and square footage. Read more about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen gilford nh

3. Creative Lighting

As in your home, outdoor lighting sets the mood and directs traffic. String lights are a quick, functional option that immediately generates a festive atmosphere.

outdoor gathering space light features

Fire pits or fireplaces provide amusement while serving as a light source. Additionally, up lighting strategically placed around your landscaping is both luxurious and calming.

4. Furniture Placement

While comfortable seating is a priority, the arrangement of that furniture is equally as important. First, choose a focal point to anchor your space.

Second, consider the flow of traffic for the entrance and exit of guests. Allow for 30” to 48” of space for high traffic areas.

Third, place your longest piece of furniture along the longest wall. Don’t have a wall? Just be sure to face your focal point. Then, add end tables, ottomans, and outdoor pieces for the placement of drinks or snacks and lounging.

5. Entertainment

For a classic summer night experience, install an outdoor TV to watch a movie or the Red Sox. Create a relaxed atmosphere or get the party started with the addition of background music over waterproof speakers.

backyard entertainment bocce ball

Lastly, have outdoor games readily available. We suggest corn hole, spikeball, extra large Connect 4, or backyard bocce ball.

Outdoor Gathering Space Conclusion

As you design your outdoor gathering space, we hope our suggestions for landscaping, outdoor kitchens, creative lighting, furniture placement and entertainment options get you started. For outdoor kitchen, screen porch or deck renovation projects, stop on by our Contact Us page!

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