The Small World of Remodeling: New Lighthouse Team Member

2020 and 2021 have been an unprecedented time of growth for the remodeling industry. Consequently, we have added a new Lighthouse team member.

About Josh

Please welcome Josh Bolduc. He originally heard about Lighthouse Contracting Group from our Lead Carpenter, Bill Wood. They worked together back in the day, but we’ll get to that later.

Josh applied to join the Lighthouse team because he heard about our detail-oriented remodel projects. He wanted to learn better ways of building so he could take his craftsmanship skills to the next level.

“I would say kitchens are one of my favorite projects because it’s always a showcase room of skills and attention to detail.” – Josh Bolduc


Skilled Trades Experience

Josh began his career in the skilled trades during his last two years at Gilford High School. The Huot Technical Center coupled with the OSHA 10 Hour Training Course is where he started.

After graduation, he found work with Brad Wood Construction. This is where he met Bill.

Side note: Brad Wood is the father of Jennifer Adams and Bill Wood. The remodeling world is a small one!

When Brad decided to semi-retire, Josh began work for Designworks Home Builders. He worked there for 4.5 years building everything from foundations to roofing.

However, the owner also had dreams of retiring. Due to these life experiences, Josh set out to find job longevity with a Gilford general contractor.

Favorite Remodeling Project

Josh’s favorite remodeling projects are kitchens. They are the perfect room in the house to showcase craftsmanship skills and attention to detail.

Coffee Talk

Just like his team member, Cody, Josh doesn’t drink coffee. However, his caffeinated beverage of choice is Mountain Dew. It will always be his favorite.

lighthouse team member josh bolduc

If you want to get to know Josh better, invite him over for a bonfire or a game of billiards. He enjoys time spent with other people. Specifically, his friends and family.

Want to know the best place to watch the sunset in the Lakes Region? Josh recommends the top of Mount Major. It’s his favorite spot.


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