Remodeling Unfinished Home Spaces

Are you looking to remodel that unfinished attic, basement or room over the garage so you can enjoy it now and reap the investment rewards later? According to HGTV’s Which Home Improvements Pay Off?, during hot housing markets, home additions can boost the sale of your home by 30%. Bathroom additions give back even more! Remodeling Magazine reported an average of 86.4% ROI. If you are looking to add a bedroom to your attic or room over the garage, you can expect to receive around 70 to 80 percent of your investment back.

In our latest Gilford, NH, featured project, we efficiently used unfinished home spaces to add a bedroom, two bathrooms, two laundry rooms and storage in the form of a walk in closet and linen closet.

Unfinished Room Over The Garage Design

We started by completely remodeling the room over the garage. It started as an open space. When we were done with it, there was a master suite, laundry room, walk in closet and master bath.

Here are a few of the design details.



Unfinished Basement Upgrades

The Ekstedts made another value-add upgrade by adding a bathroom, linen closet and guest laundry room to their basement. If you are afraid you might not have enough space, think again.

The original plan was to build a half bath in the basement. We designed the bathroom with the toilet under the stairs and installed a 48” shower unit. These two design features enabled us to give this family exactly what they wished for, a full bath with open flooring.



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