LCG Team Introductions: Cody MacPherson

2020 has been the year of growth for Lighthouse Contracting Group (LCG). The Doucet family recently announced their new bundle of joy. If you missed it, stop by Instagram to see the photos.

In addition, Lighthouse has welcomed two new team members to the family. A Brand Ambassador, Jennifer Adams, and a Lead Carpenter in Training, Cody MacPherson. This blog’s spotlight is on Cody!

About Cody

A job posting on Facebook was Cody’s first introduction to the LCG Team. His job search was a serious one. Cody researched Lighthouse and scoured the website.

His findings? Lighthouse Contracting Group was a genuine company committed to their customers and employees.

Cody’s Background

Cody joins the LCG Team with 1.5 years at NHTI Concord’s Community College. At college, his focus was on Architectural Engineering and Design.

While attending school, Cody was a concrete worker. Always keeping his career in mind, he found a job in metal roofing.

After spending a year learning that trade, he advanced into carpentry.  He experienced working on home renovation projects from frame to finish.

cody macpherson lighthouse contracting group
Cody MacPherson Certified Lead Carpenter Lighthouse Contracting Group

Favorite Type of Remodeling Project

Cody’s favorite remodeling projects are home interior finishes.

“This is a part of the home where you can showcase your talent and craftsmanship…where it is the most noticed.” – Cody MacPherson

Specifically, custom built-ins or projects of that nature. Cody enjoys jobs that stretch his mind and encourage him to work hard. His goal is for the homeowner to have a special moment when they see their vision come to life.

rattlesnake mountain cody macpherson

Favorite Part About Working for Lighthouse

Regardless of the short time he has been part of the LCG team, Cody has a clear understanding of what we are all about. He enjoys sharing a common goal of improvement and growth. On and off the job site.

Coffee Talk

If you were to sit down over a caffeinated beverage with Cody, he would fill you in on his latest hiking excursion with Sophie, his dog. He might even invite you on an adrenaline seeking adventure. Such as, snowboarding down a mountain.

Don’t let Cody’s hobbies fool you. He loves relaxation just as much as his heart racing ventures. In fact, he recommends sitting down and enjoying the view from any mountain peak in New Hampshire. Let’s not forget the enjoyable adventures you’ll have on your trek up and down that mountain!

Please join us in welcoming Cody MacPherson to the Lighthouse Contracting Group team!

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