LCG Team Introduction: Paul Nicastro

The Lighthouse Contracting team is growing! We’ve added a second Lead Carpenter in Training and want you to know all about him. Here’s another team introduction.

Team Introduction: Paul

Please welcome, Paul Nicastro. He heard about Lighthouse Contracting after applying for a job at Belknap Landscape. During his interview, Paul’s carpentry skills came to light. Since Belknap Landscape is one of our preferred vendors, the hiring manager knew we were hiring. He suggested Paul reach out and the rest is history.

Work Experience

Paul took up carpentry as a part time job during the off season. At the time, he was raft guiding during summers in Alaska.

Haines Alaska
Haines, Alaska. Image by Paul Nicastro

A local carpenter in Haines, Alaska, was looking for a helper and it wasn’t long before Paul was an apprentice. This training included basic tool use, home building and off the grid saunas, beach side yurts, wood sheds and barns.

Eventually, Paul moved back east to his hometown of Gloucester, MA. He worked with a few contracting companies and obtained his Massachusetts Construction Supervisors License (CSL).

Favorite Remodeling Project

Paul enjoys remodeling kitchens. As an avid cook, he appreciates the kitchen more than any other room in the house. With proper planning, a well-done kitchen can change someone’s feelings towards cooking.

Paul believes a healthy life starts with foods we consume. If a new kitchen is something that encourages someone to cook more and think about what they are eating, then it is one of the most important places in everyone’s life.

Coffee Talk

One cup of Joe in the morning is all Paul needs to get started. Although, he does prefer pour over. One cream. No sugar.

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Paul Nicastro LCGNH

Paul’s free time is spent trying to tire out his new puppy, Henry, or working on his new home. If he had more time, he would go running, skiing, kayaking and finish his home workshop. Paul also enjoys crafting, cooking and landscape photography.

Multi day kayaking trip in Iceland by Paul Nicastro
Multi day kayaking trip in Iceland by Paul Nicastro.

Whitehorse Ledge is Paul’s favorite New Hampshire location. Back in the day, he was an avid climber. He would make it 3/4 of the way up and be overwhelmed by the beauty of this New England state. During those moments, Paul would dream about calling NH home.

If you are new to the 603, Paul suggests visiting the swimming hole on the Ammonoosuc River. The top of Mount Moosilauke and any place along the Presidential Range are also at the top of his list.

team introduction paul nicastro lighthouse contracting group

Why Work For Lighthouse?

These are the reasons Paul decided to work for Lighthouse.

  1. Belknap Landscape spoke highly of the LCG crew and their clean, professional operation.
  2. Positive customer reviews. The website and social media posts showed LCG was a special company that one doesn’t come across often.
  3. Photos of renovation projects by Lighthouse displayed fine carpentry skills that the company stands behind and is proud of.
  4. LCG team introduction posts helped Paul feel Lighthouse was somewhere he could fit in and contribute.
  5. A group of young carpenters invested in pursuing their craft and utilizing newer practices. This inspired Paul to renew his passion for the craft.

Favorite Part About Working For Lighthouse

The camaraderie and respect everyone on the team has for each other. It’s an open environment where creativity is always welcome and everyone supports each other.

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