Gilford Craftsmen Team Grows: Aaron Brunt

2020 was the year everyone spent more time at home. Consequently, many Lakes Region homeowners scheduled home remodels with Lighthouse Contracting Group for 2021. As our project queue grew, so did our team of skilled craftsmen.

About the Craftsmen: Aaron

Please welcome, Aaron Brunt. As with the majority of our team, Aaron heard about Lighthouse Contracting Group via Bill Wood. They have known each other for eighteen years!

Work Experience

Aaron has a wide range of work experience. He spent six years working in manufacturing. It was there he learned about the importance of process and procedure. The order in which things are done can increase productivity!

Looking for tips on purchasing a vehicle? Aaron could certainly help you out. He managed the car lot at a local dealership. Working in the auto industry taught him that presentation and a good impression are important to customer service.

Lastly, Aaron has worked as an apprentice with Brad Wood Construction and independently as a professional handyman. Brad’s name certainly comes up a lot when we discuss our team of craftsmen!

Aaron learned the remodeling skills of painting, flooring installation, deck installation and more while working with Brad. In addition to carpentry, Aaron learned the correlation between job site cleanliness and productivity. He likes to know where his tools are located and that his work area is free of scraps and debris.

Favorite Remodeling Project

It doesn’t matter to Aaron what type of home renovation project he is working on. Ultimately, he enjoys bringing life to older homes thereby making them new again.

Coffee Talk

If it’s caffeinated, Aaron doesn’t drink it. Brew him a cup of decaf in the morning and he’s ready to hit the job site.

During his free time, Aaron spends time with his fiancé and dog. He also like to write and mix music.

The northwestern part of New Hampshire, specifically Haverhill, is his favorite. The beautiful scenery coupled with the privacy from seasonal tourists continuously brings him back to this area.

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