LCG Team Introductions: David Allaire

At Lighthouse Contracting Group (LCG), we believe our team members are as important as the business itself. Each member brings a unique set of ideas, talents, and personalities that combined make LCG one of the best contracting businesses in the Lakes Region. We are excited to introduce our newest team member—Production Manager David Allaire!

About David

Having worked in construction and woodworking since his teens, David has decades of custom, high-end finishing experience. David learned about LCG through his mate, Carolynn, who discovered LCG on Indeed. It was when he looked up Lighthouse online that David realized he would be a great fit for the team. He immediately wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself—part of a real team with a family-like vibe.  So he uploaded his resume right then and there!

David’s Background

David left his home in Vermont when he was 18 and headed out to find his way. He moved to Florida and after only spending 30 days there, he met a man who offered him a job restoring a home on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. David ran a paint crew for a few months and naturally fell into all things construction, really discovering an interest in building cabinets and furniture.

David fell in love with the tranquility of island life and worked mostly on his own for seven years. When he grew restless, he returned to the States and enrolled at Roger Williams University. He graduated with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Architecture. After school, David moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he started a custom furniture company with his younger brother, who also had a knack for all things woodworking. David and his brother quickly made a name for themselves making custom, high-end furniture. Owning a company was very rewarding, but being the boss, the partner, the accountant, and the salesman made David weary.

David decided to leave his company to find another way to satiate his desire to make and design furniture without all the hassle of being a business owner. He sought out furniture companies that were larger and had CNC capabilities, submerging himself into AutoCAD and automated woodworking.

David eventually moved back to Vermont to assist with his family. While there, a cabinet and custom milling company hired him as a Project Manager. He found management to be very rewarding and challenging. He enjoys working diligently together with a team to make something beautiful and awe-inspiring. David is excited to continue that work as LCG’s Production Manager.

Favorite Type of Remodeling Project

David’s favorite project is a kitchen remodel.

“It is such an important part of a home. It’s the hub of the house where so much of family lifetakes place. When design and a well-thought layout are mixed, the room can become so much more than a bunch of utilitarian cabinets.” — David Allaire

Favorite Part About Working for Lighthouse

So far, David’s favorite part of being on the LCG team has been the people—not just the ones under our roof but the tradesmen we call coworkers. We work with a talented bunch who are steadfast in their professionalism.  And then there are the clients who put their trust in us to bring beauty into their homes. David enjoys it when someone has a vision and is willing to take a chance with a material or a design to see it come to life.

Coffee Talk

COFFEE! David likes it light and sweet, and always hot.  He uses Splenda, but prefers New Hampshire (and Vermont!) maple syrup.

Free Time

When he’s not managing a project or visiting a job site (always with a hot coffee in hand!), David can be found gardening (he especially loves house plants), painting, tinkering, making furniture, biking, or rubbing fuzzy animal tummies.