Building During COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, we at Lighthouse Contracting Group (LCG) would like to put your worries at ease. We are one of the industry sectors approved to provide essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are 100% operational, we are changing the way we work to keep homeowners, other skilled trades men and women and our Lighthouse team safe and healthy.

As members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the largest network of craftsmen, we take safety seriously. NAHB created guidelines and materials to guide us as we adjust our procedures on daily job sites.


This poster, created by the NAHB, is posted on the job site for all team members, crew and homeowners to see.

COVID-19 Safety Poster


A guidebook with detailed instructions and tips for proper safety on the job site was given to each of the Lighthouse Contracting Group team members. The most important procedures are highlighted below. Many are repeated from the poster, but reinforcing safety procedures helps to create habits.

Social Distancing

Keep your distance from those around you.

Don't Share Your Tools

Do not share your tools with team members.

Clean Work Surfaces Daily

Wipe down all surfaces twice daily.

Order Materials Rather Than Pickup

Materials delivered rather than visiting lumber yards.

Schedule Hardware Store Trips Once Per Week

Make one trip to the home improvement store per week.


We are fortunate to be working on an extensive, exterior lake house renovation for the next couple months. It is the safest place we could be. This is the second home for our clients, which means our face-to-face interaction with them is limited. There is plenty of fresh air and space for all to work in.

The LCG team has shown strength and determination to continue providing exceptional service during this time. Each team member has committed to one another and staying in quarantine at home when not on the job site. This way, they can be comfortable and feel safe around one another each day.


We are extremely thankful for technology! Our website allows homeowners to fill out a Project Assessment Form letting us know all the details of their desired remodel or renovation. We can work out the details and schedule a virtual appointment via Zoom with them to discuss pricing, timing and answer general questions. Everything can be done with social distancing in mind.


Tomorrow, April 16th, along with hundreds of other residential construction companies, we will halt work for at least 10 minutes for a COVID-19 Job Site Safety Stand Down. During this time, we will reeducate the LCG team on keeping themselves safe from the coronavirus and helping “flatten the curve” for everyone.

COVID-19 Job Site Safety Stand Down with NAHB


A short, but sweet shout out to all our nurses, doctors and first responders managing this incredibly difficult and trying situation. It is not an easy thing they are doing for us right now.


As we mentioned in our April newsletter, please let us know if we can help you out in any way. If you know anyone in the Lakes Region that could use support from a local business, drop us a note so we can do our part in helping our community.