“We will manage all aspects of your project and be your primary point of contact. This includes communicating and organizing all other contractors in order to ensure as much of a stress and worry free process as possible. It is important for clients to be informed and educated prior to beginning a project. All options for a project will be discussed and laid out so that you are able to get exactly what you are looking for while also getting the best value for your investment.”


If you have a vision we will do whatever we can to make it come to life. The process begins by meeting with us to discuss your project. From there, we will provide an estimate for budgetary purposes. This estimate will also provide sufficient detail in order for you to make an informed decision to begin the project. At this point, if you are ready to make a commitment we ask for a $500 deposit to schedule the work. Projects are scheduled in the order in which deposits are received. Once your project is scheduled we will continue to refine the estimate as decisions are made and materials are selected.



Full scale renovations are our specialty; excelling at modifying and changing living spaces in order to make them fit their occupants and lifestyle. Our design partners will also work with you, remotely if necessary, to make material selections that will exceed your expectations and help turn your vision into reality.



Once you have committed to a project with us, we will arrange another meeting for us to sit down with our design partner, Lauren Milligan Design. This will allow us to get a sense of your thoughts for materials and design elements. She will then work with you throughout the entire process and present you with options fitting your style and budget. Communication is constant amongst all partners involved, including you, enabling all aspects of the project to come together as planned.



A work station at the job site provides a main area where all information pertaining to the project is recorded. Every crew member logs their time for each task at this work station. This allows us to track the time and the costs for each component of the project. By keeping updated logs, we are able to keep you informed of the up to date costs as decisions need to be made throughout the project.


Throughout the process we work hard to make sure that when we turn over the home to you there are no loose ends or punch lists. We will walk through the project together, explaining what has been done, how various elements work, and how to maintain all materials. We will answer any questions you have and provide you with any additional information you require. It is our priority to make sure your expectations are surpassed upon completion of a project.


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