LCG Team Introductions: Colby Weisman

With the beginning of a new year, it only seems fitting to continue with our team introductions. Our next Lighthouse Contracting Group (LCG) member has been with the company since October of 2017. He is one of our two lead carpenters. If assigned to your home remodel project, you will see his face quite often. His name is Colby Weisman.

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Colby’s Background

Colby started his career in the car business. It was in the auto industry where he learned how to communicate and work professionally with customers. His career moved him along to the siding, glass and window industry where he spent 13 years. For a brief time, he gained experience in sales selling Harley Davidson motorcycles. 2016 is the year Colby decided working in the field with his hands was where he was truly happy.

Colby is a Lead Carpenter for LCG. This means he is the working foreman for each project he is assigned to. He and our other lead carpenter, Bill Wood, ensure job site safety and policy and procedure compliance by all trade partners.

Best Part About Working For LCG

We all strive to find a perfect job where we get along with our fellow co-workers, find meaning in our work and look forward to each new workday. Colby has found that with LCG. He truly enjoys the experience he has with the Lighthouse team. The opportunities to mentor and teach bring him joy and he looks forward to continuing his endeavors in the future.

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Favorite Type of Remodeling Projects

Trim work and detailed staircase jobs are Colby’s favorite home improvement projects. They are difficult remodeling tasks that stretch his abilities and keep him humble.

Favorite LCG Project

Be sure to check out The Refuge. It is a lake house on Governors Island, Gilford, featured in two Lakes Region Parade of Homes events. We completely remodeled the interior and exterior of this home.

The Refuge is Colby’s favorite project because it pushed him beyond his comfort level causing him to learn about himself and his skills. He enjoyed finding solutions to challenges during the remodel process. If you asked Colby, he would tell you working on the millwork, custom cabinetry and coffered ceiling were the best parts of this home remodel.

Certifications & Training

Colby has certifications for heavy equipment and has several hours of training in job safety. He is also Lead Renovation certified.

Coffee Talk

If you were to sit down over a cup of coffee to get to know Colby, here are a few things he would tell you about himself. One, he is a world traveler. He has been to Europe twice during the last two years. Each time he has visited new places and destinations. Two, he has a girlfriend, Joan. They both love to travel, craft and re-purpose. Three, Colby enjoys projects with his kids where they build outdoor furniture out of scrap wood and other re-purposed items. Four, Colby is interested in snowboarding and extreme sports. Good thing he lives in New Hampshire!

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It’s A Funny Story…

While we like to keep things professional on the job site, we do enjoy a good laugh. Here’s a story about Colby we thought you would enjoy.

Back in the fall of 2018, we were taking siding off a house and came across a nest of carpenter ants. Our apprentice, at the time, freaked out. Colby went to the store that night and purchased fake, rubber ants. He arrived at work before the apprentice and placed the ants throughout the job site. The apprentice would find them, and calamity would ensue. We were finding those rubber ants for months as they would move from place to place!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Colby. Come back soon for our next team introductions post on Bill Wood! If you missed the Introduction to Jason Chilvers, be sure to read his story too.

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